The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been hyping their new album 'I'm With You' like no other album before it. Now that the release date (August 30th) is getting closer, the band has started playing new tracks like 'Factory of Faith' and 'Look Around' at recent shows. We've got them for you!

While the audio quality may not be top notch on some of these, you can still here enough to get the feel of the new album. 'I'm With You' sounds to be one of the most diverse RHCP albums to date. Some of the songs don't come across well due to the poor audio recordings, guess well have to wait for the album to get the fully prepared meal -- this sampler platter makes a nice appetizer though.

'I'm With You' Tracklist

01. 'Monarchy of Roses'
02. 'Factory of Faith'
03. 'Brendan’s Death Song'
04. 'Ethiopia'
05. 'Annie Wants a Baby'
06. 'Look Around'
07. 'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie'
08. 'Did I Let You Know'
09. 'Goodbye Hooray'
10. 'Happiness Loves Company'
11. 'Police Station'
12. 'Even You Brutus?'
13. 'Meet Me at the Corner'
14. 'Dance, Dance, Dance'

'Meet Me at the Corner'

'Factory of Faith'

'Look Around'

'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie'

'Goodbye Hooray'


'Monarchy of Roses' (along w/ 'Charlie' and 'Ethiopia')