There hasn't really been a definitive explanation as to why guitarist John Frusciante left Red Hot Chili Peppers. Some crazy lady obsessively stalking him might've had something to do with it.

According to TMZ, the extraordinary guitarist claimed that 32 year old August Elizabeth Thomas has been stalking him for the last year. At first she approached Frusciante hoping to write a screenplay about his life. There is no doubt that the former heroin addict's story of would make for a great biopic, but Frusciante was not interested. Thomas refused to take no for an answer and began harassing John via email and snail-mail.

Frusciante filed a restraining order last week stating that he is "worried that she is unstable and that she could snap at any moment." Frusciante further said that her messages are "long, rambling and overly emotional -- and in some cases, she would admit that she is often drunk". He also claims that the woman contacted his musician wife Nicole Turley at one of her gigs regarding the screenplay.

Probably the most clear cut statement Frusciante made in the files was:

"I fear both for my safety and for my wife's safety. Given that my wife and I are musicians and often play at venues around the world, it is hard for us to avoid Ms. Thomas if she is free to continually show up to harass us."

The Red Hot Chili Peppers new album 'I'm With You', their first without Frusciante since 2001's 'Californication', is due August 30th.