Bass extraordinaire Flea admits he had no idea what single to go with for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album. But, he’s happy the band finally elected, ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.’

"I'm not real good at picking singles," he told the BBC News Beat. "I really don't know what's good to go first. It's a tricky one because all of the songs on the record are so different.

“'The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie' - I like the song. It's a cool, simple, funky, little jam but it's completely different, there's nothing else on the record that sounds anything like it.”

Many bands would have writer’s block after taking a two-year break from writing and touring together, but not the Peppers. In fact, the guys originally wrote 70 songs for their new release, ‘I’m With You,’ which arrives Aug. 30.

"What was important to us when we put the record together was to make sure that each song filled its own space and was not like another song on the record,” he said.

"We wrote 70 songs, so it's not even necessarily all the best ones that we put on, but just the ones that occupy their own space."

Flea also mentioned the band wrote a good portion of the new album on piano, since new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who is filling the spot of John Frusciante, writes on the ivories.

"…When you write something on the piano, then you translate it to a rock band it makes the creative process a lot different,” he said. “The spirit is different."

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