Red Hot Chili Peppers will be joining Pearl Jam and Ozzy Osbourne on the list of rockers to the big screen this year. To promote the release of their new album 'I'm With You', the band will be coming to a theater near you at the end of this month.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing an unusual amount of press to support the release of their new album for a band that almost didn't return because of the demands of being, well, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not that the band made it through their three year hiatus completely intact: guitarist John Frusciante quit the band because of the exhaustive 'record, tour, record' schedule that was basically non-stop since his return in 2001.

Perhaps taking a page out of the Foo Fighters playbook, RHCP is playing a concert that will then be shown in theaters all across the country for two days only. The show dates start on the day 'I'm With You' is released (August 30th), and will conclude the following day. The band has also said that this will be the only time they perform the album in it's entirety, although the set will feature other hits too.

For a list of participating theaters, check here. If your local theater has not yet been listed, be sure to check back as they are still adding new locations daily.