Big Brother may be on his way to Michigan. A new bill was recently introduced that would give local governments across the state permission to install red light cameras at intersections to bust drivers for speeding and other moving violations.

The bill was drafted by Representative Wayne Schmidt of Traverse City, who says that the measure would help make Michigan a safer place to live.

“This legislation will give more local control to our municipalities while offering a safer environment for the people who live in these communities,” he said.

Supporters of the bill say that placing cameras in high traffic areas is a great way of protecting motorists from others who do not obey traffic laws. If the bill is passed, local governments would have the option to put cameras in only the intersections that have been deemed the most dangerous. Signs posted warning motorists of the cameras would also be required.

Motorists caught by Big Brother’s red light cameras would receive a ticket with a maximum fine of $130 from local authorities, which would be a civil infraction and not count against their driving record or their insurance.