These days you can pretty much design your own baby.  From hair color to eyes, all of that can be determined prior if you are going the route of artificial insemination.  But from recent stats, a lot of "baby designers" are not keen on a ginger baby!

The worlds largest sperm bank, Cyros International says the demand for redheaded donors is so low, that they are not even taking sperm donations from carrot tops at this time.  Damn, talk about feeling the red headed step child!

Shine.Yahoo is reporting that the most in demand sperm "comes" from males with dark hair and dark eyes.  Apparently they can't keep it on the shelves!  Unlike the 18.5 gallons of redheaded sperm the Cryos center has just sitting there collecting dust. Gross!

What do you think?  Shouldn't you just care that your baby is healthy?