We may have spent the last quarter century without the greatest metal bassist that ever lived, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten him. Join us as we take a look back at deceased Metallica bassist Cliff Burton shredding like no one before and no one since.

It's no secret that Cliff Burton was one of the best bass players of all-time, but not many realize Burton died in a bus crash 25 years ago today (9/27/86). His influence on Metallica's early work was profound, he was truly an irreplaceable talent.

Burton was a classically trained pianist who turned his focus to bass at the age of 13 to honor the memory of his brother. He was soon practicing up to six hours a day, a tradition he continued all the way through his years with Metallica. Cliff's incredible talent and work ethic shone through on his bass playing in songs like 'Pulling Teeth (Anesthesia)', 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', and 'Orion' (which was actually played over a loud speaker at Burton's funeral).

Though his discography was quite small, only the first three Metallica albums, his contributions to bass guitar playing and rock / heavy metal were infinite.