If you've ever trashed your place in a fit of rage, you know that it feels good, until you realize that all your stuff is broke and now you have to clean all that crap up. Unless you rent The Anger Room, where you pay to destroy.


Sometimes, you just wanna break stuff. Ask Fred Durst.  But breaking your own stuff sucks, and breaking other people's stuff is going to get you arrested.  That's why there is the Anger Room in Dallas, where you can rent a room for the afternoon and just smash everything you see.  The company behind Angry Room sets up a room to l0ok like an office, kitchen, or whatever you specify.  I would say that Flint needs one of these, but I'm pretty sure all of Flint is an Anger Room.  Prices start at 25 bucks for 15 minutes and work their way up.