'Resident Evil 6' was announced yesterday after a mysterious viral campaign at NoHopeLeft.com teased a major announcement by showing post apocalyptic imagery. The game was previously top secret and only rumored to exist, but debuted with an action packed 3-minute trailer featuring both gameplay and cinematic elements.

Many outside fans will say "Isn't there already a 'Resident Evil' game coming out soon?" The answer is no, there were actually two already -- 'Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City' and 'Resident Evil: Revelations' (a Nintendo 3DS title).

While both of those are 'Resident Evil' titles, they are not officially considered part of the canon. Think of them as spin-offs like, in movie terms for example, 'American Pie: Band Camp.' The game announced yesterday, with an extraordinary trailer we might add, is the official continuation of the main 'Resident Evil' storyline -- the other official installments being parts 1-5 as well as 'Code Veronica.'

Several reveals were made by the trailer -- series protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield appear to be the playable characters, as well as an unknown new character who is accompanied by Ashley Graham (who you may remember as the president's daughter from RE4). The game also welcomes the return of true zombies (as they were in the early RE games) and the gameplay seems to have adopted a more shooter friendly platform, although we still couldn't tell if they added the long overdue ability to move and shoot simultaneously.

The trailer features the classic "world gone to s--t" scenario and has our zombie-killers returning to an urban setting, swapping Raccoon City for Tall Oaks -- Leon even says "It's Raccoon City all over again" in the trailer. The most exciting thing about the new game is that it brings back all the best elements and appears to have adapted most of the gameplay elements fans were asking for in the disappointing (yet still solid) 'Resident Evil 5.' Oh, that wasn't the MOST exciting part -- the game will be out THIS YEAR (barring an almost inevitable delay).