Rev Theory have dropped of the upcoming Share the Welt Tour after guitarist Julien Jorgensen injured his hand at a wedding reception.

The injury occurred just as they were about to hit the road with Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, and Hatebreed for the tour beginning October 16th.

Rev Theory said that Jorgensen's injury happened when someone next to him attempted to open a beer bottle without an opener. Apparently the bottle shattered and the guitarists hand was sliced so badly, it had to be operated on. Though a full recovery is expected, Jorgensen was left unable to play.

Realistically the band could get a substitute guitarist for their upcoming dates, as many rock bands have done when a member is injured. Singer Rich Luzzi explained why the band opted to cancel the dates instead:

"After being a band for 10 years, Rev does not feel comfortable taking the stage without our brother as it would not be a true representation of the band."

Jorgensen himself expressed his sadness concerning the "freak accident", and reassured fans that the band would be back on the road as soon as it is possible.