Rev Theory made everyone say 'Hell Yeah!' (or 'Hey Yeah' if you had the 'Madden 09' edit) a few years ago. They're hoping they can repeat the success of that hit with their new single 'The Fire'. Standing in their way are returning champions Volbeat with their second single entitled 'A Warrior's Call', an appropriate title for a song about to do battle in The Cockfight I'd say. Get your vote on here!

  • 'The Fire'

    Rev Theory

    Rev Theory are hoping their second single 'The Fire' will take off quicker that the initial release 'Justice' did. The title track was released as a single way back in October, it usually doesn't take this long for a follow up but better late than never. The band will hit the road with Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, and All That Remains this fall on the 'Share the Welt' tour. Will their new song still be playing on radios by then or will it simply be a forgotten casualty of The Cockfight? It's your call.

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  • 'A Warrior's Call'


    Danish rock band Volbeat blends so many elements into their music it's difficult to put them in a genre. It's exactly that outside the box approach that wins them new fans every time they play live. I should know, I am one. For more on what I really think of the band, check my review of their gig at The Machine Shop the other night. They were phenomenal! Will they continue to get solid air play here in Flint, your vote decides their fate in The Cockfight.

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