I've seen a lot of movies in my day, so many that I can see what's going to happen before it does if the filmmaker isn't careful. I'm not always right, but you have to be a pretty crafty to keep me guessing. It always pisses me off when I see something is going to happen before I'm supposed to, but it's increasingly more common thanks to Hollywood's recent lack of original ideas. Just call me a "movie psychic."

This "ability" of mine isn't always on, but I have some very strong visions about the upcoming Ice Cube/Kevin Hart movie that I thought I'd share. From the trailer, what we all know about the film is that Ice Cube is a cop. His sister is getting married to Kevin Hart, who is a High School security guard. In order to prove he's tough enough for Cube's sister, he goes on a "Ride Along" with him. Now here's what will probably happen and keep in mind that I have only seen the TV trailer above:

  • Cube takes him around, 'Training Day' style, basically showing him the ropes of real police work and dropping important lessons/tips (probably one in particular). Obviously, this will produce some fish-out-of-water hi-jinks and Hart will get to "show his ass" as they say. It will appear that all Cube's tutelage is lost on this hopeless, over-grown (in age, obviously not size) class clown.
  • At some point in the titular 'Ride Along,' they will encounter real danger (most likely a Russian Crime syndicate or something) and Ice Cube will be kidnapped/injured. Kevin Hart will somehow get away... probably in a comedic and embarrassing fashion.
  • For some circumstances that I can't foresee, Kevin Hart will be the only one with either the opportunity or knowledge of the situation at hand that can help Ice Cube.
  • Using one of Cube's lessons/tips (that we thought he ignored earlier), Kevin will save his ass and the day.
  • After being hailed as a hero, Hart is fast-tracked to a job as a real police officer (possibly Cube's partner).
  • The movie ends with Hart's wedding, where Ice Cube is either his best man, or nods approvingly from the crowd as they tie the knot.

I could be completely off here, but see the movie and let me know how my aim is. I probably won't bother. 'Ride Along' hits theaters January 17th, 2014.