RightWay Automotive and Banana 101.5 have joined forces to get a reliable new vehicle to someone that needs it. Click through to find out how to nominate someone you feel is deserving and you could win free Halo Burger for a year!

RightWay Automotive, the home of guaranteed credit, and the Banana are looking to get someone in a new vehicle who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it happen. Whether the roadblock is financial hardship or just plain bad luck, we know that times are tough in Flint for everyone these days. So we want to do our part to help out, but we need your help!

You can nominate someone who needs a new vehicle by clicking through to RightWay Automotive and tell the story of your struggling loved one, friend or family member that needs a little help putting a RightWay Vehicle in their driveway - the nominator will receive a free gift from Halo Burger. When a grand prize winner is determined, RightWay will deliver their new vehicle right to their driveway, hence the name RightWay in Their Driveway. If your nominee wins, the fine folks at Halo Burger will set you up with a year's worth of their delicious food for free!

To make sure you are eligible to win, click through to see our general contest rules.