It's probably been a long time since the politically charged alt punk outfit Rise Against played in a high school gymnasium. Their latest video 'Make it Stop (September's Children)' shows the band rocking out talent show style in an effort to battle bullying and teen suicides.

The 'It Gets Better' campaign is a project to raise awareness of bullying and teen suicides; with the ultimate goal of stopping both. The latest single from Rise Against is inspired by those misunderstood and bullied teens; frontman Tim McIlrath says:

"A number of events were the catalyst for the creation of Make It Stop, everything from the suicides in September 2010, to our own fans voicing their fears and insecurities from time to time. I decided to create the song as a response, and when I discovered the It Gets Better campaign and [It Gets Better Project co-founder] Dan Savage's commitment to such an important and concise message, I was moved. I immediately felt that if our song is the road, then the It Gets Better campaign is the destination. I hope the synergy between the two can reach people and make a difference."

The director of the video Marc Klasfeld shot the video at the high school that McIlrath actually attended when he was in those awkward teenage years. Klasfeld shed some light on how he became involved with the video saying:

"I've been a fan of Rise Against for a while and it was amazing to work with them on this special video. As soon as I heard the song, I knew a powerful video could be made that could potentially help people and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it."

'Make it Stop (September's Children)' is taken from Rise Against's current album 'Endgame' which is in stores now. You can catch them on tour this fall with Foo Fighters.