Not all rock matches are made in heaven, and it’s appropriate that the current Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson tour is one that might not be a divine combination. Following incidents on the tour’s last two tour dates in Detroit and Chicago, it looks like Zombie and Manson simply aren’t getting along.

Shortly after the bill’s Chicago stop on Thursday (Oct. 11), Manson tweeted this disgruntled statement about his set apparently being cut short: “Sorry to Chicago for not getting to play "Beautiful People." You can sing it in between Zombie songs, his band has already played it.”

Now, it seems things went one step further during the tour’s Detroit stop on Friday (Oct. 12), with the two verbally calling each other out on stage. Here’s a short recap via Tommy Carroll of South Bend, Ind.-based station the Bear’s official Facebook page: “In Detroit 2night Marilyn Manson said he was going to kick Rob Zombies ass. When Rob went on stage and totally went off on Manson. Pretty entertaining Show.”

Sounds like trouble in paradise. So, is this feud the real deal or just for show? Only time will tell, but we’re leaning towards the former, as this beef frankly sounds as real as it gets. In contrast, Alice Cooper’s recent run with Rob Zombie drew no such quarrels.