Reports are coming in about a fatal shooting during a robbery of a Flint area Chase Bank -- get the story here.

According to MLive, a man attempting to rob the Chase bank on Corunna Rd. near Ballenger when was shot and killed this morning (Jan. 25). There are no details mentioned as to whether a bank employee, security guard or police ended the robber's life, but both Michigan State and local police are currently on the scene.

Update (12:20p): The assailant was spotted entering the lobby by the security guard, who also noticed the trench-coated man was walking suspiciously. Shortly after, the suspect produced a long gun from under his coat, prompting both guards to draw down on him and order the robber to drop his weapon. The armed suspect then turned his aim toward the security guard, who reacted by shooting him dead.

Check back here for updates, as we will continue to bring you more details as they become available.