The 10-foot-tall RoboCop statue has finally arrived in Detroit after years of online rallying, fundraising, design and, of course, construction. There is still a ways to go before Officer Alex Murphy's likeness stands in Detroit, but you can check out the progress of the project here.

As is noted in the video, the statue is currently, in appearance, quite similar to RoboCop after being dismantled by Cain's gang (pictured above) in the not-so-great sequel to the 1987 film. The statue -- which started out as a Twitter joke directed at Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, but eventually took on a life of its own thanks to the internet -- has just arrived (in pieces) at Venus Bronze Works in Detroit for final assembly.

According to the dude in the video, there's still about a year's worth of work left before the statue will be finished. Hopefully, nobody decides to remake a less gritty version (yeah, we're looking at you, PG-13 remake) of the statue before it hits the streets of Old Detroit. That, being stolen and sold for scrap, and, of course, ED-209, remain the biggest obstacles to actually seeing the statue erected in Detroit.