Rock stars sometimes have to make bold stylistic choices to stand out from the pack. Unfortunately, that sometimes manifests itself in the form of terrible hair. Check out ten of the more awful rock hair cuts in recent history, you can also click the image for a closer look.

  • Axl Rose - 2002

    Guns N' Roses

    Guns N' Roses performance at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards was supposed to have us saying, "Holy [expletive], GN'R is back!" Instead, we were all saying "Holy [expletive], what happened to Axl's hair?" Suddenly we all wondered why he, too, wasn't wearing a KFC bucket on his head.

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
  • James Iha - 1995

    Smashing Pumpkins

    The now-former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist has always had unusual hair, but the skunky, pre-emo (premo?) do he rocked on the cover of Rolling Stone will always be a reminder of a time when the music was great and the fashion was atrocious.

    Mark Seliger, Rolling Stone
  • Beck Hansen - 1999


    When assembling this list, we seemed to remember Beck having worse hair than we found evidence of, but this femme-y cut definitely landed him on our list. In a few of the other photos from this same day, you couldn't even tell if the alt-rocker was a man or a woman.

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
  • Chad Kroeger - 2003


    Now you knew we couldn't end this list without the great grand-daddy of all terrible hair styles in rock. When Chad Kroegs and Nickelback burst on to the scene in the early 2000's, his hair was worse than some claim their music is now. This brings to mind some of Chad's own lyrics, "Look at this photograph / Every time I do it makes me laugh." That's never been more true than it is right now.

    Scott Gries, Getty Images
  • Chris Cornell - 2007

    Soundgarden / Audioslave

    After walking away from Audioslave, we all kind of experienced Chris Cornell's mid-life crises together. He made some strange musical choices -- a pop album with Timbaland -- and rocked this unusual greaser cut for a brief stretch. Thankfully, it wasn't long before he grew his hair and beard back and reunited Soundgarden. Good to have you back, Chris. Sincerely, everyone.

    Andreas Rentz, Getty Images
  • Claudio Sanchez - 2009

    Coheed and Cambria

    Sweet Jesus! Look at that permed-out Lion's mane. Claudio Sanchez's hair can actually look pretty cool at times, but when he lets it get out of control -- look out! You might get tangled up in that mess if you get too close.

    Roger Kisby, Getty Images
  • Metallica - 1996

    Jason Newsted, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield

    When Metallica collectively went to the barber in the mid-90's, it marked a sea change for the thrash metal juggernaut. After listening to their album from the same period, many old-school Metallica fans wondered if their locks were the only parts of their body they had removed (the other being their balls).
  • Pat Smear - 2005

    Nirvana / Foo Fighters

    Pat Smear is another guitarist from a prominent 90's band who's never had a really impressive hairstyle. However, this yellow Chia-looking cut he rocked looked particularly bad when paired with his Christmas-inspired suit.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • Brian %22Head%22 Welch - 2001

    Korn / Love and Death

    Way back before Korn's Brian "Head" Welch left the band to jam with J.C., he sported this interesting set of French braids on the reg. He really did need to be saved.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • Eddie Vedder - 2003

    Pearl Jam

    Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder can paint a pretty serious picture with his words and music, but no one could take Ed serious when he went blond for a brief period in the early 2000's.

    Johnathan Daniel, Getty Images