Roughly 10 years ago, the month of November became an annual celebration of moustachioed gentleman/men's health awareness known as Movember. To get us ready to "grow a mo," Ron Swanson (aka Nick Offerman) takes us on a "moustache ride" through history.

There are few people as qualified as Ron Swanson to discuss the merits of manliness and moustachery... perhaps Sam Elliott or Chuck Norris would qualify as well. So when Ron Swanson talks, damn it, you listen!

We here at the Banana are all partaking in Movember and suggest you do the same if you are a man. Sure your girlfriend/wife will probably bitch about it and you might look suspicious near playgrounds and schools, but it's only one month out of the year and it's your God given right as a man to grow a bitchin' 'stache every now and again. If you need pointers, here's Ron's 'How to Grow a Moustache' video from last year. Register your "mo" at