Yesterday Royal Bliss stopped by the Banana studios before their set at the Machine Shop with Kopek and Hinder. They discussed their new bus, new record and played 'I Got This' acoustically.

First off Tony brings up the new bus right away, if you have ever seen what the Royal Bliss guys traveled in before getting their new bus you'd know why they are happy to be in this bus. Their old motorhome was all beat up, falling apart and possibly had a dead body somewhere due to the smell. But now they are all hooked up with a sweet new ride!

Royal Bliss has been touring with Hinder since April and will be on the road through the end of the tour which ends at the end of the month. Neal said he really enjoys touring with the guys, they are all down to earth guys and let the Bliss boys be themselves. I actually talk to Taylor Richards before the show and he also said that they are having the time of their lives with the Hinder boys.

On to their new album, which the Banana was one of the first places to hear/play a new song off of it. Back in March when Royal Bliss came through Neal called Tony LaBrie and asked if we could burn them a few copies of their newly mastered CD since they had been on the road and had no way to get the tracks. So luckily for us, we were some of the first people to hear the album in it's entirety. According to Neal, they are hoping to have the new album out in June or July.

Now for the acoustic version of 'I Got This,' this is the first time that Royal Bliss has played this song acoustically on the radio. As you can the Royal Bliss guys really dig having a station like Banana around and a venue like the Machine Shop which treats them so well. Enjoy the video.