A video of a Family Dollar manager confronting group of women who were shoplifting, in addition to being trashy, went viral and cost the man his job. He did lose his s--- towards the end of the exchange, but do you think he should've been fired?

At the beginning of the video, Gavyn Edlinger seemed to be the good guy. He lectured the women for stealing, allowing their kids to speak in an improper manner to adults and smoking while pregnant amongst other things. Basically, he told them to leave that ish at the trailer park. However, as the video progressed he became more unhinged and we can't really blame Family Dollar for signing his pink slip.

Had he walked away at the 40 second mark of the video, he'd probably still have a job... but he didn't and he doesn't. He even sprayed one of the women with the Febreeze they were trying to steal. While that is totally hilarious (and possibly necessary), it's not very professional.

By the way, the language in this video is totally NSFW. Earmuffs, kids.