It's always good to see a success from Mid-Michigan giving back to his community, and Saginaw High and Michigan grad and NFL star LaMarr Woodley has done just that.  The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker has paid for all students in Saginaw City schools' "pay to play" fee.

When communities face financial hardships, recreational activities are often amongst the first things to be cut from the budget.  That was the case in Saginaw, where athletes in the school district would have to pay to play any high school or middle school sports.  The cost of playing some sports was often in the hundreds, a price that some students and their families would not be able to pay.

Saginaw High grad and current NFL star for the Pittsburgh Steelers, LaMarr Woodley knows what a difference sports can have in the life of young people and paid the "pay to play" fee for the entire district, a number that totaled near $60,000.

Source: MLive