I did not even realize that people are still doing door to door sales. First of all it seems dangerous and second of all who wants someone knocking on your door trying to sell you things?

A pushy North Carolina magazine salesman, Jared Michael Arnold forced a female customer to either have sex with him, use drugs or buy a magazine subscription. 

Surprisingly, the woman agreed to all of the above.  Not really, she bought a subscription from the nut job, and called police after he left.  WCYB is reporting that Arnold was picked up a short time later by authorities and booked under a $20,000 bond.

I have had experiences in the past with pushy door to door people, first of all it is my house, if I am not interested, then I am not interested.  I understand people have to make a living, but is door to door sales really profitable anymore?  Am I wrong to assume most people will not let a stranger into their home?

On the other hand, this guy was totally thinking out of the box. I can't help but wonder if anyone took him up on the sex or drugs offer before he was caught?