There is so much pain and confusion surrounding the horrible events of last Friday's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but nothing has affected my emotions more than this note that the best friend of 6-year old Jack Pinto wrote to him for his funeral, which took place on Monday, December 17th.

Jack's life, along with all the other victims of the Newton, Connecticut tragedy, was cut much too short. There are so many ways to express the tragedy, but perhaps none more powerful than the words of his best friend John (see the image below):

Jack, You are my best friend. We had fun together. I will miss you. I will talk to you in my prayers. I love you Jack. Love, John

I like to think of myself as a pretty emotionally stable guy, but this letter straight up broke me down. I initially shrugged it off, but twenty minutes later I was stuck on how terribly sad this entire situation is. Leave it to a child to cut to the core of a situation.

The heartbreaking letter had me thinking of all kinds of sad stuff I hadn't really dealt with until now, but also made me imagine what the families of the victims must be feeling. I sincerely hope that my children never have to write a letter like this or, even worse, be the subject of one. No child should have to feel or be made to understand that kind of pain.