Many gathered out front of the former Colonial Coney Island to bid farewell to what is probably Flint's third most popular landmark -- "The Big Girl."

Not counting the Flint Weather Ball (which underwent its own facelift last year) and the Flint Rock (which shed several layers of paint this year), the giant waitress statue which stood atop the Colonial Coney Island sign was probably the most popular landmark in Flint. 12-foot statue known as "The Big Girl" stood high over Corunna Road since 1978, but the owner of the facility says she just doesn't fit with the restaurant's new theme.

The owner told MLive he doesn't know what he's going to do with "Big Girl," a few residents have a pretty good idea to preserve the piece of Flint's history. There is a Facebook page that started shortly after the July 24th removal, titled "Give the Colonial Coney Island Waitress to the Sloan Museum." If enough members back the effort perhaps it will convince the owner just how important a giant waitress statue is to Flint.