I think the real stars of the Marine Corps Ball are the Marine's.

However one of the latest YouTube crazes is Marine's asking celebrities to attend with them.

So far Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have accepted offers to attend the upcoming ball.

I am wondering what you think of this?  Do you feel celebrities that are asked owe it to the service men and women to attend?

These people risk their lives for our freedom.

I understand the celebs may have prior commitments, but to go for even an hour I think shows great respect.  I am guessing these clowns can afford to take a day off.

I raise the question because actress Scarlett Johansson recently turned down an offer to attend the ball.  She did acknowledge the sergeant, but unfortunately for him, declined.

What do you think about this?

Do you think celebrities that say no are dicks?

Do you thinks Mila and Justin are putting other people on the spot by saying yes?

Why doesn't someone ask Kid Rock to go?  He would be an awesome date and already does so much for our military.

Chris Monroe just told me, quote:

"Marine Balls sound like fun"

I am not sure Chris understood the question!