Velvet Revolver has been searching for a singer to replace Scott Weiland since mid 2008. After almost settling on Royston Langdon from Spacehog and recording a throwaway album with Corey Taylor, it looks like they may have found the man for the job: Scott Weiland. Even I'm confused now.

Scott Weiland joined former members of Guns N' Roses and Dave Kushner to create the supergroup Velvet Revolver in 2003. The band's debut album 'Contraband' was a huge success and sold over 2 million copies. Their follow-up 'Libertad' failed to garner the success or critical acclaim of it's predecessor. This added to Weiland's recurring substance abuse problems began the deterioration of the band during their 2008 European tour.

Slash went on to do a solo album, Duff Mckagan formed Loaded, and Scott Weiland returned to Stone Temple Pilots (who ironically cancelled their last tour after some of Weiland's drunken shenanigans). Velvet Revolver spent a few years searching for that elusive new singer, but of late the trail seems to have gone cold.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine Scott Weiland spoke highly of the early days with the band and indicated that he may be open to a reunion:

"That was a magical thing, too. That was right when I was getting off dope and those guys were all sober and clean, and I had a very special kind of kinship because we’d all experienced the same things. It felt like us against the world: ‘We’re gonna play just pure rock ’n’ roll.’ And I think we did a really good job of it. It was a great band to see live, and I think we made two exciting albums. We patched things up and we get along. I see them every now and again, we text each other and you know, we can never say never. Who knows, maybe we’ll do some shows some time."

Scott is currently on tour and working on a new album with Stone Temple Pilots, so any possible VR reunion is probably at least a year away.