Say what you will about the death penalty, but walking pieces of human excrement like the perpetrator in this video make a compelling argument in favor of capital punishment.

Every once in a while, a video comes along that makes you question what little faith in humanity you're still able to cling to. This is that video. It's tough to watch, but this "man" (if you can even call him that) enters a Florida Boost Mobile store and tries to act like he's casually browsing the store before throwing and connecting with a haymaker right to the pregnant clerk's face. He then rushes behind the counter and completes his disgusting robbery.

The victim, 35-year old Jessica Smith was hospitalized for a broken nose but is expected to be alright otherwise. The thug, 41-year old Vincent Lavon Johnson was arrested at his home in Pensacola, Florida Thursday morning (6/19) and charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary.

I'm not entirely sure if I could come up with a punishment harsh enough for despicable bastards like this, but that doesn't mean you can't use the comment section below to tell us how you'd seek retribution.