With back to school season upon us, we here at the Banana decided to do some digging and show off some of our worst yearbook photos. And some of them are really bad! See for yourself by scrolling through our more embarrassing school pics.

  • Maggie Meadows

    When LaBrie first saw this pic he said, "Check out the first member of Mushroomhead!" Yep, that sums up my haircut in this picture, mushroom all the way! I was pretty much a tomboy and loved the shirt I am wearing. It reads, "Anything a boy can do, I can do better." Damn straight! After this picture was taken, I went to the playground, had a smoke and kicked some little boys ass!

  • Fantone

    Well before I knew what boobs felt like, I had three things on my mind: Pro-wrestling, drinking Mountain Dew and wearing the sweetest glasses ever. I mean, honestly, are those aviators with clear lenses?

  • Tree

    There are so many things wrong with this picture that it makes me wonder what the eff was wrong with society back then that allowed this to be photographed. The lasers, that ugly faux Southwestern shirt, the MC Hammer pants with a completely mismatching pattern and a shade of blue just different enough from the shirt that it looks even more ridiculous, that sloppy ass comb-over? Nice work, mom!

  • Anne Erickson

    This picture cracks me up for the sheer joy of seeing me in bangs and pigtails. I got rid of the bangs a long time ago, but still rock the pigtails when I can!

  • Chris Monroe

    Chris Monroe was home schooled so he didn't have any yearbook pictures, but we did find this photo of him taking a smoke break after his 3rd grade spelling test.

    Brent Stirton, Getty Images
  • Tony LaBrie

    Dear God, what were my parents thinking by allowing me to look like this? I look like I'm wearing one of those mullet wigs, only ten times worse. And to think I didn't have a girlfriend in high school, they sure missed out on this gem of a guy. They could have had my sweet mustache all up on em.