Seether's new single 'Tonight' is a great song with an uncharacteristically uptempo drive, layered guitars, and spot on vocal delivery. The South African grunge revivalists dropped in on Conan O' Brien the other night to rock the single and...maybe it's just us, but it didn't go that well.

Seether is now performing as a three piece after the departure of guitarist Troy McLawhorn, who left to rejoin Evanescence. That may have contributed to the awkward moments in the band's performance the other night of 'Tonight', which was probably written with a two-guitar attack in mind.

We love Seether here, so don't take our criticism as a diss on the band. It was an overall okay performance, but there were definitely spots that are hard to listen to. In the grand scheme of things every band will hit a few rough spots performing live, it's just much more embarrassing when those moments are on TV.