Having already played 150 gigs in support of their new album 'Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray,' you'd think Seether would be ready to relax a bit in 2012. A recent interview revealed that not only will they not be taking it easy, they'll play about 300 shows in the new year -- that means they don't even get most weekends off!

The members of Seether understand the importance of connecting with their fans in person -- for that reason they will be doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 shows in 2012. Frontman Shaun Morgan recently explained the insane touring plan to the Cape Times:

"We’re looking forward to doing a proper national tour next year. It’s important to play as many cities as possible – so that’s what we’ll do. We’re truly blessed to have a career in music. We’ve toured with bands way bigger than we are that no longer exist. So, yes, we’re humble and very aware that we’re as big or as small as our fans dictate.”

With technology evolving more rapidly everyday, traditional albums are quickly (and unfortunately) becoming a thing of the past and rock radio stations are worse off now than ever before. Despite all those elements working against bands like Seether today, Morgan doesn't seem intimidated:

“There’s no technology out there that can replicate what we do live. We need to give punters something that they want and we seem to be ticking all the right boxes on that score. Rock is here to stay. Every three or four years our fan base evolves and our job, as a band, is to influence that migration. We work hard, tour extensively, but most importantly we stay true to ourselves. We can never afford to be lethargic – ever.”

Seether is planning on relaxing for a few weeks over the holidays and will get back on the road for a European tour with Three Doors Down in February.