I find myself breaking down words and phrases to their actual meanings and when I realize there is none, I feel let down.  For example ATM stands for automatic teller machine. Looking for an ATM machine means you're looking for a machine... that makes automatic teller machines?  Here are a few more things you should stop saying right now. 

Head over heels - Um, naturally your head is over your heels...and if your heels are over your head, you're probably gettin' some.

Hot water heater -  If the water was already hot you wouldn't need to heat it.  It's simply a water heater.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade -  Life had better give you some sugar too, or your lemonade is gonna taste like crap.

Raining cats and dogs - Well...that's just dumb, moving on.

RBI's - Only one of these words needs an "s."  Runs batted ins makes no sense.  RBI is already plural the way it is.  'He had three runs batted in'.

Ass backwards -  Your ass is supposed to be on the back side.  That's why it's also called your behind.  If your ass is 'frontwards' then its just a FUPA.

You can't have your cake and eat it too - Who the hell wants to look at food of any kind that they cannot eat?  Yet if you eat it, it's now gone so, no you can't still have it.  This is not a real problem or a solution.

The last two are major for me.

It's not "for all intensive purposes" - It is actually 'for all intents and purposes'.  The actual goals and reasons for doing or saying something.

Last but not least - irregardless -  THAT IS NOT EVEN A REAL WORD.  Type it in your phone and see what autocorrect does.

If I catch you slipping I'm calling you out.  If you catch ME slipping and saying anything I just wrote, kick me in the face.  Rant over, have a beautiful day!  :-)