Sevendust plays Lansing this Wednesday, and I recently caught up with frontman Lajon Witherspoon to talk about the band’s latest album, 'Black Out the Sun,' and the band’s secret to longevity.

When asked about Sevendust’s 20+ year career and what keeps the band together, Witherspoon said, “I think moderation with everything in life. Prayer. Dedication. Never giving up. I feel like I have a mission that has to be done, and there’s still so much more to do, and that’s what we’re doing right now. I think it was meant to happen. When we sat down in that room years ago, and that first note came out of the band, this is what my dream has been, and if it makes any sense, I feel like the dream is coming true.”

He added, “When I wake up every day, I still feel like I’m dreaming, because I’m doing my dream. I’m very lucky and blessed, and to still be relevant all these years, and to have people coming to the shows and yelling out and the new album doing well, what more could you ask for?”

Read the rest of the interview via the Lansing State Journal and stream the conversation below.

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