It's almost an unbelievable story, but a Minnesota man has been charged with making a bomb out of a sex toy and giving it to an ex-girlfriend.  Exploding inside has taken on a whole new meaning.  Check the details out inside.

37 year old, Terry Lester, of Waseca, Minnesota faces two felony charges after he modified a sex toy into a crude homemade bomb.  Lester then delivered the explosive vibrating package to his ex-girlfriend, labeling it a Christmas present. has more on the story, stating,

According to the criminal complaint, Lester had made some modifications to a sex toy. He put gun powder, BB shot and buck shot from shotgun shells into one with black and red wires that connected to a trigger with a battery port.

I personally, am amazed.  Dude is a scum bag that deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life, but you can't say he isn't original.