I know it kind of sounds like a nightmare, or at least a bad joke, but for 75 youths in the Boston area, it sounds like Christmas.  A long time supporter of The Boys and Girls Club, Shaq promises to hook these kids up with a Christmas to remember.  Shaquille O'Neal is certainly no stranger to charity.  Throughout his NBA career, Shaq has given back to every community he has played in.  Whether it is the "Mama Said Knock You Out" Charity Golf Event, The "We Be Ballin" rap song for charity, or the millions he has donated to youth groups, say what you want about the man, just don't say he doesn't care.

And this Christmas Shaq-a-Clause promises to outdo himself.  Teaming up with the Boys and Girls Club of America, Shaq is ready to moonwalk down the chimney.  According to the BostonHerald.com

Big Guy Shaquille O’Neal will play Shaq-A-Claus on Tuesday when he straps on the red suit and hat and ho-ho-hos it down to Dedham to treat 75 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury to a holiday party at the brand- new Buca di Beppo. Shaq, wearing one glove, will challenge the kids to a dance-moves contest with the just-released Ubisoft video game “Michael Jackson: The Experience.” Ha! Wonder if he’s got his “Thriller” moves down yet?

Shaq has the "Thriller" moves down for sure, the dude can dance.  Also he can give.  I know it's easy for celebs to give a lot of money, but I've always felt like Shaq has given a little more.  He's fat, old, and still can't shoot free throws, but two thumbs up for the Big Shamrock.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images