This is one Christmas party I would love to attend.

According to, Denise Richards is inviting her ex-husband Charlie Sheen over for the holiday.  Another person on her guest list is Nikki Sixx.   Awesome!

Sixx and Richards have been neighbors for years and just recently began seeing each other.  The new couple is said to be taking things very slow.

An unnamed source says:

"Denise has a heart of gold and wants to make sure that no one is alone on Christmas".

Recently Sheen was in the news for an alleged cocaine fueled meltdown at a hotel in New York.   Sixx has been sober for years after a long battle with heroin.  I would love to be a fly on the wall at this shin-dig.  The conversation(s) would be fascinating.

Denise Richards spreading joy (and her legs) this holiday season!

Ho Ho Ho!!