With the Presidential Election in full swing, most of us are feeling the burn. After hours of debates, commercials, Facebook statuses, etc., we've all heard more than enough about the two gentlemen running for office. Wouldn't the elections be a lot more fun if you could vote for someone you actually want to hang out with? Someone who isn't afraid to say, "F--- that guy, vote for me!" Well that's exactly what we were thinking when we asked a handful of rock bands who they would vote for if there were a President of Rock. We spoke with members of Shinedown, Theory of a Deadman, Mastodon, Anthrax, P.O.D. and Falling in Reverse about that very subject -- here's what they said:

  • Rob Caggiano


    That’s easy. Hands down, Lemmy. Who the f--- else would be the President of Rock other than Lemmy?

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • Ronnie Radke

    Falling in Reverse

    Duff McKagan. He’s got his s--- together. He’s a great person. He is a smart rocker. He invested into the stock of Starbucks before it got popular. He’s a smart guy… [and] a cool dude.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
  • Zach Myers


    Dave Grohl or Bono. Bono for President and Dave Grohl for Vice President.

    Shinedown, Facebook
  • Sonny Sandoval


    I’m a huge Foo Fighters fan, just because I know they’re real… But I don’t know, that’s kind of a kiss ass question.

    POD, Facebook
  • Tyler Connolly

    Theory of a Deadman

    Jimmy Page would be great. He’s English but I guess it’d have to be an American… Dave Grohl would be amazing. [He] knows what he’s doing. He would be the Democrat side. The Republican would totally be [makes bow and arrow gesture to suggest Ted Nugent].

    Theory of a Deadman, Facebook
  • Brann Dailor


    Ozzy for President. Always. I remember when I was a kid, I had that "Ozzy for President" tee shirt. In the 80's, like '84 [or] '85 or something. Ozzy for President. Boom, done. Perfect [laughs].

    Garreth Cattermole, Getty Images