This is probably surprising to people around the country, but not to us.  It sure sounds like Flint to me!

Get this.  A Flint man was standing outside a store Monday night when he heard a gunshot followed by pain in his leg.  Police say the man then asked the clerk why he shot him.  First off why was the store worker outside? Oh wait, probably smoking.  That is not confirmed, just my guess.  I am not questioning why he had the gun, it's Flint.

This is the topper, wait for it-  the victim then WENT INTO THE STORE, BOUGHT BEER AND WALKED TO A FRIENDS HOUSE!

Once the friend realized his buddy was shot he took him to Hurley Medical Center.

This story is a whole lot of crazy.  I still have questions:

1.  Was there a different clerk inside that sold him the beer or did the shooting clerk go in and ring up the sale?

2.  Why did the store employee shoot him in the first place?

3.  WTF?

As of right now there is no word of arrests or of the victims condition.