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New Police Dash Cam Footage Of The Michigan Meteor
Yes, we know this is fake. However, this is the most enjoyment I've gotten out of the whole meteor situation so far. When it happened, that's all I could see on Facebook and it annoyed the hell out of me.
MI Complex Residents Upset With Conditions After Pipe Burst
After the pipes froze and burst at Sapphire Apartments in Southfield, residents have been living in hotels while staff made repairs. When they received the all clear to return home, residents were less than satisfied with what they saw.
U of M's New Athletic Facility Is Wicked
The University of Michigan has a new athletic facility and it is awesome! It's 280,000 square feet and has pretty much anything a wolverine could need.
EMU Student Sinks Full-Court Putt To Win $10,000
On Tuesday, one lucky Eastern Michigan University student had a chance to win $10,000 by nailing a putt at the EMU Eagles basketball game. When his chance came at halftime, he sunk the putt.
Topgolf To Open New Facility In Auburn Hills
If you are a golfer in Michigan, you know the awful feeling when winter sets in and your golfing for the year is over. Now, thanks to Topgolf, your game can go on all year.