What's going on?

Trailer: Flint Town Comes to Netflix
Netflix has released a new trailer for their documentary series on Flint called 'Flint Town.' The series is set to launch around the world on March 2nd.
Flint Firebirds Get Tropical On Saturday
To pay tribute to one of the best movies ever, "Semi-Pro," the Firebirds will be hosting "Flint Tropics Night" at Dort Event Center tomorrow night (2/17.) The team will be channeling their inner Will Ferrell to take on the Saginaw Spirit.
Flint Roofing Scammer Facing Felony Charges [VIDEO]
A 39-year-old man is now facing felony charges after allegedly scamming homeowners in Flint. Todd Merrill offered to repair to do repairs for two elderly residents and took off with the down payments.
Halestorm - EMU Convocation Center 2/10/18
Even though the roads were bad, I was able to make it to this show on Saturday. As always, none of the bands disappointed. The lineup included Stone Sour, Halestorm, and The Dead Deads.
Man Does Cartwheel During Field Sobriety Test
This is one sure way to tell the cops that you are drunk, failing to complete a cartwheel. After passing out in the drive-thru of a McDonald's, Christopher Bidzinski tried to prove to the cops he was not drunk by doing this.
South Haven "Frozen Fish Fling" Competition
Yes, you read that right. the South Haven Ice Breaker Festival featured a competition to see who could throw a frozen non-edible sucker fish the greatest distance.