What's going on?

CJ Miles — Babe of the Day
There's an old belief that the hotter a person is, the more rules they can break. We didn't know "gravity" was on the table in that equation.
Janis True — Babe of the Day
There aren't many women who look this good in a bikini, but she pulls it off. She also, literally, pulls off most of her clothes before taking pics to post on Instagram. What a great time to be alive!
Elsa Hosk — Babe of the Day
We know Victoria's Secret -- get smoking hot babes to strip down to their underwear, take pictures of them, then use those pictures to sell stuff. It's basically a foolproof formula for success.
Kristina Basham — Babe of the Day
She's got a killer smile, and while she is a musician that plays a couple of instruments, she bills herself as a pianist first and foremost.
Kenza Zouiten Subosic — Babe of the Day
Kenza Zouiten Subosic isn’t what you might expect in a Scandinavian bombshell — she’s not even blond! But trust us, that won’t matter to you at all once you start getting to know her.
Chantel Zales — Babe of the Day
We don't believe she has any connection to the diamond store of the same name, but we can definitely see a couple of jewels in this pic.
Nadiya Archer — Babe of the Day
She's not involved with the animated spy comedy with which she shares a name, but they do have one thing in common -- we enjoy looking at both of them for in half-hour increments.