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C.J. Franco — Babe of the Day
This actress and model is a rising star in the world of hot chicks that post hot pictures of themselves on the internet.
Myla Dalbesio — Babe of the Day
She appeared in the first non-nude issue of Playboy, which is weird because she's as naked as the day she was born in a ton of pics on Instagram.
Myla Dalbesio is a curvaceous model/artist/writer from Wisconsin, where once upon a time she was crowned as the state's Miss Teen USA...
World's Sexiest Weather Girl Dumped by Pro-Gamer
When your weather girl is a smoke show, the forecast is always scorching hot.
Yanet Garcia is well known for her... um, weather girl skills. Yeah, weather girl skills. She's perhaps the world's most famous weather girl, and definitely our favorite weather person of all time...
Katya Elise Henry — Babe of the Day
This fitness model/trainer definitely puts the "p-h" sound in "fitness." We're aware that's not great pun-work, but booty shots like these sell themselves.
Gigi Paris — Babe of the Day
It's no surprise that this French-Venezuelan (Frenchezuelan?) beauty from Miami was heavily considered for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue.
Bri Teresi — Babe of the Day
This self-proclaimed "Instagram Queen" has a great sense of humor and a fondness for underboob. Long live the queen, y'all.
Amanda Lee — Babe of the Day
If you think this job is easy, you try to concentrate on writing with dat booty staring you down. It ain't easy.
Lindsey Pelas — Babe of the Day
Prediction: Every picture on she posts on Instagram will be framed in the Babe Hall of Fame someday... Wait, is that not a thing yet? Somebody make that a thing.
Ximena Cordoba — Babe of the Day
You may not recognize this caliente Colombian beauty from TV, but she'll have you trying to figure out which Spanish language channels you get pretty quickly.
Renee Somerfield — Babe of the Day
It's kind of her job to make swimwear look appealing. We can't think of a single person in history that's been better suited for their profession of choice.