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Lisa Morales Duke — Babe of the Day
Hard work, dedication, and persistence will get you a nicely-toned physique, but if that sounds like too much effort, you can always just enjoy this babe's hard work, dedication, persistence, and last but not least -- her physique.
Giza Lagarce — Babe of the Day
She may not be in Wu-Tang, but she will definitely make you say "Oooh dang. She fine!" Sorry, we know that wasn't great but let's be honest -- you're not here for clever wordplay.
Carmella Rose — Babe of the Day
She can swim with sharks and not get eaten, which is more than enough for us to think she's amazing. Then we saw how smoking hot she is and now we're questioning the limits of reality.
Lorena Rae — Babe of the Day
She's not the same Rey from 'Star Wars,' but the Force is definitely strong with this one. And no... that's not a lightsaber in our pocket.
Lorena Rae hails from Germany even though her name doesn't sound all that German to us. What do you think she's hiding...