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15 Dudes That Were Almost Han Solo
Now that we've had our first look at a non-Harrison Ford Han Solo via the 'Solo' trailer, let's take a look back at the other guys that almost played everyone's favorite scruffy looking nerf herder.
Pet Owners Beware -- It's Coyote Breeding Season
It's that time of year when people start reporting an increase in coyote activity in Genesee County. Here are some tips on keeping your small pets and children safe during coyote breeding season.
Meteor Burns Up in Orbit Over Mid-Michigan, See the Video
Many Michiganders noticed a bright, oddly colored lightning flash just after 8p tonight, while others were lucky enough to see what it really was, a meteor burning up in orbit. Now you can see it too.
It's not every day that you get to see a meteor burn up in the sky...
The National Anthem is Fake News
Fresh off of his victory in the War On Christmas, President Trump defied the haters again to show us that the National Anthem as we know it is fake news.