What's going on?

Bulldog Rips Off Dude’s Penis and Testicles
A 22-year-old man was put into a self-induced coma after an English bulldog attacked him and bit off his junk. Yes, he lost both nuts and his penis. Forget the coma, just put me down. I wouldn't even want to live after something so horrific.
Construction Begins on 475 Today
Starting today things are going to get a bit ugly along I-475 as The Michigan Department of Transportation prepares to start a major project which will cost around $44 million.
The Snow is Already Falling in The Upper Peninsula
It was a chilly one this morning in our area but not as chilly as it was in the Upper Peninsula. Temps up there dropped below freezing which caused a light accumulation. It wasn't anything major but it's a solid sign that winter is just around the corner.