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Michigan Walmart Brawl Caught on Camera [VIDEO]
It's that time of year when shoppers are a little extra on edge due to the holidays. I think it's safe to safe that retail workers are feeling the same. When you combine the two, it can be a recipe for disaster...or a brawl in a layaway line. Which is exactly what happened at a Walmart in …
Learn to Pronounce Commonly Misspoken Michigan Words
I've lived in Michigan my entire life and I still mess up the names of cities, towns, streets and so many other things. I don't know if it's just a Michigan thing or what but there really are some weird and hard to pronounce places in the state.
Starved Great Dane Eats Own Foot To Survive
I'm a Great Dane owner so this story hits a little closer to home for me personally. Regardless of the breed, this is absolutely heartbreaking but knowing how sweet these gentle giants are, it just kills me to see this.
A Tawas Lighthouse is Now Hiring
If you're looking for a temporary job this spring and summer, this lighthouse gig off the Lake Huron coast could be perfect for you.
Ninja Warrior Gym Opens in Fenton
Even though I'm extremely out of shape these days, I'd still love to try this new Ninja Warrior style gym which just opened up over the weekend in Fenton.
Grand Blanc East Middle School on Alert Friday Morning
It's always a little scary when you get an email from your child's school saying they're in "secure mode" due to a possible threat. That's exactly what happened this morning when I received an email from Grand Blanc Middle School where my son attends.
Midland County Sheriff Arrested for Drunk Driving
We hear stories all the time about drunk drivers or we know someone that made a bad decision and got busted but it's not every day we hear about a sheriff getting nailed for operating while intoxicated.
Alexa Won't Spoil Christmas This Year
If your Amazon Echo spoiled Christmas last year by telling your kids what packages were delivered for the holiday, don't worry about it this year, Alexa has your back.