What's going on?

Library Says No-No-No to Ho-Ho-Ho
Whether you're an all-out Christmas Grinch or you love the holiday, but just can't stand the music you can rest assured that you'll be ok at this place at least.
Machine Shop Beer is Here!
Both the Imperial Stout and the Great Lakes Witbier have been a hit on draught AT The Machine Shop, but soon you'll be able to buy these beers in stores and enjoy them whenever you want!
YouTube Challenge = Trouble
It's absolutely insane what people are willing to do these days for likes, comments, and shares. A new challenge has kids pretending that they've gone missing and police aren't happy about it.
Check Out Flint's Avalon Black
Avalon Black is one of those bands whose music stopped me in my tracks and invited my ears to enjoy the melodies. They're fairly new, but they have a ton of talent, and I'm excited to follow their journey.