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Did This HS Kid Just Solve the Flint Water Crisis?
Crooked and incompetent politicians couldn't get it done with 2.5 years and hundreds of millions of dollars, but this kid might've cracked the Flint Water Crisis with nothing more than his love of chemistry.
Loudwire Live 2018 Band + Ticket Info
Loudwire Live 2018 is returning to the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center on Friday, August 10th. Find out who's playing and how to get tickets here.
Toys r Us Liquidation Sale is Underway
Unlike most of the other locations, whose sales started today, Flint Township's Toys R Us is set to begin its journey to the clearing at the end of the path when doors open...
Dad Teaches Bully Son a Lesson
A dad decided to teach his son a lesson after he was kicked off of the school bus for bullying... and, of course, the internet is fighting over it.
Michigan > Ohio: Confirmed
According to a new ranking of all 50 states -- Michigan is better than Ohio. You already knew that, but sometimes it's just nice to read things that validate your beliefs.
Black Mirror is Real, People
A few recent technology based stories have me convinced that 'Black Mirror' is more than just a horrifying glimpse at what our future could be -- it's our actual future.