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Emma Glover — Babe of the Day
She recognizes the enormous talents with which she has been gifted, and graciously shares them with us. Both of them.
Chloe Patterson — Babe of the Day
If they were trying to show the best they had to offer, they should've totally had this Aussie babe front and center alongside Danny McBride in that fake Crocodile Dundee trailer. "Now that's a wife." It writes itself, guys.
April Summers — Babe of the Day
Her name is confusing, but what will happen to your swimsuit region while looking at her in (and out of) a swimsuit is pretty straight-forward.
Ela Pasion — Babe of the Day
You can't spell 'passion' without 'Pasion.' You also can't spell 'passion' without 'ass.' She's got plenty of both.
Rosa Acosta — Babe of the Day
Voluptuous, vivacious, and... uh, very pretty. That's not very poetic but there are only so many adjectives that start with "V" so back off!