We live in a sick work my friends. A Lapeer man has been accused of recording family members with a hidden camera and manufacturing child pornography. 

The complaint from the Lapeer Police Department was opened in the U.S. District Court in Flint on October 19th. Police were called to the suspects house after he was in an argument with his wife about the cameras. He claims that cameras were put there to find out who was stealing his toothpaste and shave gel.

Since he has not been indicted or arraigned yet, his identity has not been released. Lapeer police have also found that two other members of the family have known about the cameras for years. The suspects wife has even found child porn on their computer in the past.

According to MLive:

Investigators later found 658 files of confirmed sexually abusive material, 1,332 files of possible sexually abusive material, 2,939 "screen captures" of possible sexual abusive material, 570 files which appeared to be of the suspect's family members, 66 hidden camera videos, 3,574 hidden camera pictures and 195 files specifically of family members on the toilet in the bathroom, court documents said.

The suspect is due to have a preliminary examination on Wednesday, November 2nd.

Source: MLive