The Veer Union's reign continues as you the voters showed no love for the old school sounds of Anthrax's Frank Bello and Megadeth's David Ellefson's, new project called, Altitudes & Attitude. Maybe tonights challenger will have something that's a little your style and speed. Cause If it's high-octane rock you're craving - with tons of attitude - then Silvertung is your band, and 'Devil's in the Details' is your album. And when we say "High Octane" we mean it, cause that's what their track "Coming Alive" is all about; getting ripped up and havin' a good time. Cast your vote once per day for the one you like best before the polls close tonight at 11:59p ET.

  • Silvertung

    Coming Alive [audio:]
  • The Veer Union

    Brave The Impossible [audio:]