With the internet making everything really easy today, people are willing to buy and sell anything. A quick look on Craigslist will prove this. Here are six strange things I found recently that had me scratching my head.

Dragon Ball Super's Hit the Legendary Assassin from Universe 6. According to the seller, this one was "crafted in the Heavens with pure love"
An original "Honey Dew" painting. I know this one isn't abstract are, but we know you see something other than a melon.
Giant alphabet balloons. Buyer beware, one of the "P's" is missing, you only get "HAPY BDAY."
Imperial walker metal box. If you are a 'Star Wars' fan, you can see the problem here.
40 90ML Sterile Urine Cups. For when you need to pass that drug test to get yourself a job.
Batman VHS tapes. I can't lie, i was really thinking about buying these myself.

If you've never taken a few minutes to look at Craigslist, you really need to. Trust me, it will be worth it.