God, I'm glad I don't have kids.  But if you do have booger eaters, they are probably going to go all "Tyler Durden" on the other booger eaters in their class.  Check out the story.

So earlier this week, 9 sixth graders were kicked out of school for running their own version of Fight Club, where the friends would fight each other to establish who was the toughest. The News Tribune ran a story, reporting the boys were filming the fights on their cell phones, they face an emergency expulsion from school, and parents should be on the look out for similar behavior in their own children.

I see both sides of this.  I'm all for boys being boys, and me and my friends rough housed all the time growing up, but these kids didn't use very good judgment.  Their parents should get punished too, for not seeing this happening and not getting their boys involved in MMA training.  Plus everybody knows the first rule of Sixth Grade Fight Club, is "You Don't Use Your Phone To Record Sixth Grade Fight Club".