Sixx:A.M. have been teasing an upcoming release called '7' with a teaser video of a piano driven take on 'This Is Gonna Hurt.' Fans' suspicions were confirmed when they officially announced the seven-track EP '7' that will feature stripped down versions of the band's tunes.

The band not only let the cat out of the bag over the weekend, but also decided to stream all seven tracks ahead of it's December 13th release. Speaking to Noisecreep about the project, vocalist/guitarist James Michael said:

"I've always loved the concept of taking a song that is already successful and familiar with listeners, and doing something different with it to change its focus."

The band actually took to the internet prior to the sessions that spawned the reworked Sixx:A.M. tracks,  and asked which songs the fans would like to hear stripped-down versions of. Michael made sure to mention the importance their fanbase played in getting the project off of the ground in a recent post to their Facebook page:

"Your response was amazing and a result, '7' was born. This was an incredible experience for the three of us because it caused us to explore way beyond the initial creations and rediscover the songs in a light that you helped us find. We are so excited to share this with you. Thank you for all of the love and support"

The frontman also said not to expect just a cut-and-dry copy of the original song on acoustic guitar, as he gave Noisecreep insight on how the songs came together (again):

"Whether it's the heavier stuff, or one of our piano ballads, they've always attached themselves to the words of these songs. So what we did with '7' is present a bunch of our songs in different arrangements to give listeners a chance to maybe see them in a new light. It's us reinterpreting our own songs. What we didn't want to do is just take the songs and simply strip them down to an acoustic thing."

Sixx: A.M. began the hype machine a few weeks back on their Facebook page -- posting an image of the number '7' over top of their name and hinting at something was 'coming for you' in December. Michael explained that despite all the theories fans cooked up over the title -- there really wasn't that much to it:

"We've had a lot of fun teasing the release of this EP, but no, there isn't anything really about the number 7 besides the number of tracks on the release. It has nothing to do with the seven deadly sins or anything like that. If some our fans come up with a better meaning for the title, we'll gladly take it [laughs]."